29 Foods That Should Never Be Placed in the Refrigerator


Is your fridge constantly so crammed full of goodies that you can’t see what you’ve actually got? Chances are there some shelf hoggers that really don’t need to be there and should be evicted.

We all know that chicken and most dairy products belong in the refrigerator. But there are a few foods that you’ve most likely been storing wrong all along.

It could even be that there are foods you keep in the fridge that would be far better, and last far longer, if kept at room temperature. Storing food correctly can help reduce food waste, by making room in your fridge for the items that do need to be chilled.

Given WRAP reports total household food waste stands at 7.1 million tonnes a year, here’s our list of what not to keep in the fridge to help you waste less food and free up some space…

1. Pastries


Cookies, cakes and any other type of pastry should be stored outside the fridge. It’s a known fact (at least amongst those of us who enjoy baking) that these baked delectable treats go stale at a much faster rate if kept in the fridge.

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