11 Amazing Health Benefits And Uses Of Lemon Balm


Who doesn’t love a glass of chilled lemon juice on a sunny afternoon? A few sips of this elixir and you will feel revitalized and recharged! Lemon finds its way in myriad uses within the house. People resort to various herbs for their numerous benefits.

However, one exceptional herb, Lemon balm, scientifically described as Melissa officinalis, offers many benefits and has numerous uses. Would you like to know what they are? Do read!

Nuances Of Lemon Balm
Lemon balm is a part of the mint family. The plant to for attracting bees. It does not grow very tall, and has small yellow flowers that bloom in spring and summer months. The leaves can be yellowish green to dark green, depending on the soil type and climate. Rubbing these leaves on hands exudes a tart and sweet aroma.

Storing And Using Lemon Balm

Ideally, lemon balm leaves can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days. Dried leaves of the plant can also be preserved in airtight containers.

In the market, you can find Lemon balm leaves in various forms. Dried leaves can be purchased in jars. You can also purchase Lemon balm tea, capsule and essential oil.

The good thing about lemon balm is that nearly all of its parts can be used for healing various conditions and ailments in humans. The leaves, stems and flowers are all beneficial. Even in the ancient Roman civilization, it was used for medical treatments.

Top Health Benefits Of Lemon Balm


1. Effective In Treating Cold Sores

Lemon balm has proven antiviral properties. A number of studies have indicated that the herb can be used to heal cold sores that are caused by Herpes. (1) Using lemon balm based cream on sores brings positive results. Some other studies showed that lemon balm can treat primary HSV-1 infection. This cream also helps in coping with oral and genital herpes, the latter caused by HSV-2. Lemon balm that has 1% lemon extract can considerably bring down the healing time. (2)

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