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10 Interesting Ways Dogs Say ‘I Love You’

Unlike humans, dogs cannot communicate verbally. They usually communicate through non-verbal communication methods, such as body language, vocalization, etc. Hence, your dog doesn’t need words to show affection towards you or to tell you that he/she loves you. Once you figure out the body language of your best friend, you’ll be able to tell which emotion he/she is feeling or showing at any moment.

You may know some tricks and techniques to decipher the ‘dog language,’ for example, happiness and excitement are usually shown by a relax, wagging tail.

However, just because dogs usually express their feelings by wagging their tails, that does not mean that they do not use any other forms of body language to express different emotions and feelings. If you want to observe the body language of your dog, it is necessary that you pay attention to his/her entire body. This will help you in looking out for different signs, especially when your dog is feeling affectionate towards you. So, if you want to learn ten different and interesting ways through which your furry friend says ‘I love you,’ then you need to continue reading this article.

10. Your Dog Gets Excited Every Time You Enter the House

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Source: pets4homes.co.uk

Does your dog start jumping around like an excited 3-year-old every time you enter the house? If yes, then congratulations, your dog loves you a lot!

You might get a bit overwhelmed by all the kisses, barking, and jumps, but remember that your friend here is just trying to tell you how excited he/she is to see you. And, let’s be honest, is there anyone else who would get as excited as your dog every time you stepped into the house.



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